Reprisal 2018

Jacob, a bank manager haunted by a violent heist that took the life of a coworker, teams up with his ex-cop neighbor, James, to bring down the assailant. While the two men work together to figure out the thief’s next move, Gabriel, the highly-trained criminal, is one step ahead. When Gabriel kidnaps Jacob’s wife and daughter, Jacob barrels down a path of bloodshed that initiates an explosive counterattack and brings all three men to the breaking point.

Madame Rosa 1977

Madame Rosa lives in a sixth-floor walkup in the Pigalle; she's a retired prostitute, Jewish and an Auschwitz survivor, a foster mom to children of other prostitutes. Momo is the oldest and her favorite, an Algerian lad whom she raises as a Muslim. He asks about his parents; she answers evasively. As she ages and takes fewer children, Momo must do more for her; as money is tight, he tries to earn pennies on the street with a puppet. He's a beautiful man-child, and Madame Rosa makes him promise never to sell himself or become a pimp. A film editor, Nadine, befriends him, and his father appears as well. Madame Rosa reaches her last days in fear of hospitals, and Momo must act.

Soi Cowboy 2008

This film concerns a Scandinavian gentleman who works in film, perhaps as a sort of financier/director/producer. He lives in Thailand with his Thai girlfriend, and most of the film is an exploration of that relationship. We also see her brother, and a gangster that he works for.

At Home 2017

An old woman, 92 years old, leaves her big house to visit her daughter, 73, who is settling in a retirement home.

Soi Dog 2010

Leaving the UK to retire to Thailand sounds like a dream, but a dream can quickly become a nightmare and paradise can turn on you in a second. Following key members of The Soi Dog Foundation, this documentary is a testament to their dedication in helping the estimated 20,000 dogs living wild on the island of Phuket. Faced with horror and inhumanity each day, foundation Managers John and Gill Dalley battle on regardless, but when adversity turns into incomprehensible personal tragedy, is their will strong enough to fight another day?

A Whole Life Ahead 2008

The vicissitudes of a newly graduated girl in the universe of the precarious work. Marta is a well- educated girl; she is curious and silent one, which finds work in the call center of a company that sells a futuristic appliance. So she finds out a new fantastic world formed by young telephone operator and fanatic seller, corporate jingle, motivational dance, prize giving, ovation and penance. A bittersweet picture of modern society narrated through the eyes of a funny young philosopher

Silom Soi 2 2006

Tum meets and falls for Kaeng. Tum is smitten but Kaeng seems to have moved on to other conquests.

Phuying Soi Sap 2006

This film is all about a not so good brothel in the suburbs of Bangkok. There it shows the lives of the girls who all work there for different reasons. Some to find a husband and some to get money to send home to their families in the provinces. The main character is a woman named Lin Chong who is older and the guiding light for the rest. She has a son who thinks she is dead and she is paying his way through university in Bangkok by sending all her money to her mother who knows exactly what she does but does not tell her son. One day her son and his friends at school all decide to lose their virginity and visits the brothel.

Soi Gaaor Chompa 2017

Soi Gaaor Chompa is an Assamese movie starring Amrita Gogoi and Joy Bhattacharya in prominent roles. The cast also includes Biswajit Chakraborty and Poulami Banerjee. It is a drama movie directed by Chandra Mudoi, with Dony Hazarika as the musician, forming part of the crew.

Une chambre á soi 2016

A tribute to Virginia Woolf’s poetic vision that elevates the ordinary, the everyday routine into virtual meetings: two characters meet online and their reality opens as a fantasy, an erotic, artistic symptom, a research into their desires and projections which culminates when they meet for real. This film is suspended in the tension between imagination and reality, in which a loss becomes a gain.

Chacun pour soi 1998

This coming-of-age French-Belgian drama features Nicolas and Thierry, uneducated long-time friends, postponing an inevitable trip into military service by camping on the beach. Living next to them are Annie and Francoise, two women who help Nicolas, until events take a turn for the worse when Thierry gets Nicolas involved in a theft.

The Barkley Marathons: The Race That Eats Its Young 2014

In its first 25 years only 10 people have finished The Barkley Marathons. Based on a historic prison escape, this cult like race tempts people from around the world to test their limits of physical and mental endurance in this documentary that contemplates the value of pain.

Bangrak Soi 9/1 2016

The show is a spin-off or continuation of a popular sitcom that ran between 2003 to 2012 called Bang rak Soi 9. This time it's about Jutjang, the son of the characters in Bang rak Soi 9, Chadjen and Pang. The story is about a dilemma faced by Jutjang when his heart simultaneously beats for two persons, siblings who recently move into his house. He has to struggle to decide who is the right person, her ... or him.

The Churchmen 2012

Five very different students navigate life at the Capuchin seminary, facing tough questions of faith under the guidance of a freethinking priest.

La Soirée du hockey

La Soirée du hockey was a popular ice hockey show in Canada. It was the French language SRC equivalent of the English Canadian CBC show Hockey Night in Canada. The show used "The Hockey Theme" as its theme song.

Ce soir tout est permis 2014

Five artists show their wild side by performing zany challenges. There are no points, no stakes, and no keeping score between guests, just a fun and unique combination of crazy games and improvisation.

Soir 3

Soir 3 is the late-night newscast of the French public television network France 3. The program, FR3's first national news bulletin, was launched in 1978 by its then head of news Jean-Marie Cavada. The bulletin is usually shown at 10:30 pm from Monday to Thursday, and has been presented by Patricia Loison since January 2011. The programme is broadcast at various times on Fridays and at weekends, when the regular anchor is Francis Letellier.

Minuit, le soir 2005

Minuit, le soir is an award-winning, character-driven Quebec television show. Set and shot in Montreal, the 30-minute show revolves around the lives of three bouncers, both in private and at work. The show is notable for its portrayal of the daily hardships facing each of the principal characters. Gritty cinematography and fast-paced direction are also key elements of the show's style. All the show's episodes were directed by Daniel Grou. Aired by public broadcaster Radio-Canada, the show achieved critical acclaim in local media and among viewers, reaching on average 1.3 million people during its first season. Minuit, le soir eventually won 17 Gémeaux Awards for its three seasons, the local equivalent of the American Emmys, the Geminis in other Canadian provinces or the British Academy Television Awards. The title of the show evokes the bouncers' work cycle and the fact they work at night. Although title screens and promotional logos do not include the comma between minuit and le, it does appears officially in the show's title. Minuit, le soir is set to finish its run at the end of the 13-episode 2007 season, which started on 11 January 2007.

Le Journal du soir

Le Journal du soir was a nightly prime time newscast on TQS, a French language television network in Quebec. Airing weeknights from 10 to 10:45 p.m., the show was anchored by Esther Bégin.

Ce soir, on chante

Ce soir, on chante was the working title of the French-language singing competition television series L'heure de gloire. The series premise is close to Simon Cowell's Duets: three actors/artists/politicians will appear in each episode, singing a song, with the help of professional singers. The program was hosted by René Simard. The series also highlight a newcomer to the Québec music scene, who one of the coaching professional singers have chosen. The show was broadcast by Radio-Canada from fall 2006 to spring 2008.

At Theatre Tonight 1964

At Theater tonight is a TV show broadcasted from 25th August 1966 to 21st September 1985. The show is broadcast plays recorded in two or three days, during public performances at the Théâtre Marigny on the Champs-Élysées, or sometimes Edouard VII theater.